Efficient and easy Senior Quote Submissions!
  Safe & secure electronic submissions!
  Read, flag, & approve quotes quickly!
  Easily transfer & place Senior quotes!

yrBOOK QUOTE it! Now the tedious and time consuming task of gathering senior quotes has come to an end.
This particular feature will be a sight for sore eyes!

  YrBOOK QUOTE it!, allows you to create a simple login for seniors only to electronically submit their senior quote.
Seniors may log in with a combination of their specific student ID #, full name, grade, a specific period and teacher,
(which may coincide with your yearbook period), and optional, student and parent email address.

  Students must complete an AUP form, accepting and agreeing to all school and district code of conduct and
acceptable us guidelines and disclaimers. Once students, seniors have created their account, logged in, and submitted their quote,
Advisers may sort quotes according to the following categories: New Quotes, Flagged (inappropriate), Approved, and Used Quotes.
Once quotes have been cleared for use, simply copy and paste quotes under each respective senior photo.