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  Create a Top Ten of Campus Events!
  Vote for your Favorite Teacher!
  Vote for your Senior Mosts Pseudos!

yrBOOK VOTE it! Gives advisers flexibility and the access to create specific polls, keeping a finger on the pulse of your student body.
Want to create a "Top Ten" of school events for the year?

How about what a specific class thinks of a particular event or activity?
Create a poll for it.
But the best use of yrBOOK VOTE it!, is polling your seniors for the all-important "PSEUDO or SENIOR MOST" categories!
Develop your voting categories and voting requirements, Best Smile, MVP, etc. and allow only your seniors to nominate
and vote for their favorites. Assign a specific editor(s) and/or staff member(s) to manage this product.
Keep the results confidential if you choose. Start to finish, you will complete you "PSEUDO or SENIOR MOST" voting in short order.

Use yrBOOK PLAN it! to schedule your "PSEUDO or SENIOR MOST" photo session.

Share this product and features with your ASB Director! Create a polling event for ASB Class Elections, or crowning
your Homecoming Court King & Queen, Midwinter or Prom Prince & Princess!